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Routing Number: 111914865
ARLINGTON, TX 76011-0000

Temple Branch

1004 Marlandwood Road
Temple, TX 76502

Texas City Branch

2131 Palmer Highway
Texas City, TX 77590

Town Center Branch

1450 Lake Woodlands Drive
The Woodlands, TX 77380

Cochrans Crossing Branch

4825 Research Forest Drive
The Woodlands, TX 77381

Grogan's Park Branch

25211 Grogan's Mill Road, Suite 100
The Woodlands, TX 77380

Tomball Branch

1111 West Main
Tomball, TX 77375

Tyler Branch

1909 South Broadway Avenue
Tyler, TX 75701

Tyler South Branch

6910 South Broadway Avenue
Tyler, TX 75703

Tyler South Branch

215 W Southwest Loop 323
Tyler, TX 75701

Vidor Branch

855 North Main Street
Vidor, TX 77662

Bellmead Branch

4010 Bellmead Dr
Waco, TX 76705

Waco Downtown Branch

900 Washington Avenue
Waco, TX 76701

Valley Mills Drive Branch

1227 North Valley Mills Drive
Waco, TX 76710

Woodway Branch

9103 Woodway Drive
Waco, TX 76712

Waxahachie Branch

1015 North Hwy 77
Waxahachie, TX 75165

Weatherford Main Branch

102 North Main Street
Weatherford, TX 76086

Santa Fe Branch

1400 Santa Fe Drive
Weatherford, TX 76086

Weslaco Main Branch

500 South Missouri Avenue
Weslaco, TX 78596

Weslaco Expressway Branch

2301 West Expressway 83
Weslaco, TX 78596

Weslaco 1015 Branch

417 South International Blvd
Weslaco, TX 78596

Orange Wal-Mart Branch

3115 Edgar Brown Drive
West Orange, TX 77630

Willow Park Branch

5171 E I-20 Service Rd, North
Willow Park, TX 76087

Winters Branch

500 South Main Street
Winters, TX 79567

Woodville Branch

905 South Magnolia Street
Woodville, TX 75979

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