First United Bank And Trust Company locations

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Routing Number: 111925061
1400 W MAIN
DURANT, OK 74701-0000

Ada Arlington Branch

1221 Arlington
Ada, OK 74820

Ada Branch

201 West 12th Street
Ada, OK 74820

Bokchito Branch

101 West Main Street
Bokchito, OK 74726

Calera Branch

601 Highway 69-75
Calera, OK 74730

Colbert Branch

Burney And Moore Streets
Colbert, OK 74733

First United Bank And Trust Company

1400 West Main Street
Durant, OK 74701

Walmart Branch

3712 W. Main
Durant, OK 74701

North First Street Branch

1410 North First Street
Durant, OK 74701

University Branch

2025 West University
Durant, OK 74701

Holdenville Branch

102 East Main Street
Holdenville, OK 74848

Hugo Branch

801 East Jackson
Hugo, OK 74743

Madill Branch

300 West Lillie
Madill, OK 73446

Stockyards Branch

1600 South Agnew Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73108

Southwestern Bank Branch

6000 Southwestern Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73139

Pennsylvania Branch

9921 Pennsylvania Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73159

Pauls Valley Branch

315 West Grant Avenue
Pauls Valley, OK 73075

Pauls Valley Meridian Branch

2000 West Grant
Pauls Valley, OK 73075

Sapulpa Branch

815 South Main
Sapulpa, OK 74066

Sapulpa Main Bank

315 East Dewey
Sapulpa, OK 74066

Seminole Branch

229 North Second Street
Seminole, OK 74868

Kickapoo Branch

4439 North Kickapoo
Shawnee, OK 74801

Shawnee Branch

912 East Independence
Shawnee, OK 74801

Tecumseh Branch

301 North Broadway
Tecumseh, OK 74873

Wewoka Branch

223 South Mekusukey Avenue
Wewoka, OK 74884

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