First United Bank And Trust Company locations

First United Bank And Trust Company Office and Branch locations Page 2


Routing Number: 111925061
1400 W MAIN
DURANT, OK 74701-0000

Denton-North Branch

2730 West University Drive
Denton, TX 76201

Denton-Downtown Branch

321 W. Hickory Street
Denton, TX 76201

Denton-South Branch

1517 Centre Place Drive
Denton, TX 76205

Krum Branch

960 West Mccart
Krum, TX 76249

Mckinney Branch

1700 Redbud Blvd., Suite 130
Mc Kinney, TX 75069

Custer Road Branch

6401 Custer Road
Mckinney, TX 75071

Sanger Branch

1405 West Chapman
Sanger, TX 76266

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