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Routing Number: 113010547
P.O. BOX 10566
BIRMINGHAM, AL 35296-0000

Albertville Branch

300 West Main Street
Albertville, AL 35950

Anniston Branch

801 Noble Street
Anniston, AL 36201

Athens Main Branch

105 West Green Street
Athens, AL 35611

Athens East Branch

1003 Highway 72 East
Athens, AL 35611

Village Plains Branch

1433 Opelika Road
Auburn, AL 36830

Auburn Main Branch

101 South College Street
Auburn, AL 36830

Eastwood Village Branch

1668 Montclair Road
Birmingham, AL 35210

Riverchase Branch

1789 Montgomery Highway
Birmingham, AL 35244

Center Point Branch

2337 Center Point Parkway
Birmingham, AL 35215

Marketplace Branch

1916 Forestdale Boulevard
Birmingham, AL 35214

Roebuck Branch

9208 Parkway East
Birmingham, AL 35206

Uab Branch

701 South 20th Street
Birmingham, AL 35233

Compass Bank

15 South 20th Street
Birmingham, AL 35233

Liberty Park Branch

8000 Liberty Parkway
Birmingham, AL 35242

Birmingham Financial Center Branch

505 North 20th Street
Birmingham, AL 35203

Wildwood Branch

201 State Farm Parkway
Birmingham, AL 35209

Inverness Branch

104 Inverness Plaza
Birmingham, AL 35242

31 & Valleydale Branch

1950 Highway 31 South
Birmingham, AL 35244

Lee Branch

105 Doug Baker Boulevard
Birmingham, AL 35242

Crestline Branch

117 Euclid Avenue
Birmingham, AL 35213

Westgate Branch

1151 Bankhead Highway West
Birmingham, AL 35204

Cahaba Heights Branch

3960 Crosshaven Drive
Birmingham, AL 35243

Chickasaw Branch

365 North Craft Highway
Chickasaw, AL 36611

Cullman Main Branch

1715 Second Avenue Southwest
Cullman, AL 35055

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