Prosperity Bank locations

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Routing Number: 113102303
SUGARLAND, TX 77478-0000


8901 Independence Parkway
Plano, TX 75025


2012 Midway Road
Plano, TX 75093

Pleasanton Branch

1112 West Oaklawn
Pleasanton, TX 78064

Port Lavaca Branch

1107 North Highway 35
Port Lavaca, TX 77979

Portland Branch

1840 Highway 181
Portland, TX 78374

Red Oak Branch

500 N Interstate 35 Service Road
Red Oak, TX 75154

East Renner Branch

4251 East Renner Road, Suite 100
Richardson, TX 75082

Pecan Grove Branch

2035 Fm 359 Suite D
Richmond, TX 77469

Roanoke Branch

615 Byron Nelson Blvd
Roanoke, TX 76262

Rockport Branch

1505 Highway 35 North
Rockport, TX 78382

Round Rock Branch

3434 East Palm Valley Boulevard
Round Rock, TX 78665

Rusk Branch

147 E. Fourth St.
Rusk, TX 75785

Sachse Branch

6600 Murphy Road
Sachse, TX 75048

San Antonio Branch

8000 Interstate Hwy 10, West #600 And #626
San Antonio, TX 78230

San Pedro Branch

14402 San Pedro
San Antonio, TX 78232

Sanger Branch

1100 N. Stemmons
Sanger, TX 76266

Schulenburg Branch

301 Bucek Street
Schulenburg, TX 78956

Seguin Branch

1414 East Court Street
Seguin, TX 78155

Seven Points Branch

601 E. Cedar Creek Pkwy
Seven Points, TX 75143

Sinton Branch

1127 East Sinton St
Sinton, TX 78387

Smithville Branch

406 Main Street
Smithville, TX 78957


3100 South Shaver
South Houston, TX 77587

First Colony Branch

1735 Lake Point Parkway
Sugar Land, TX 77478

Sugar Land Branch

14060 Southwest Freeway
Sugar Land, TX 77478

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