Prosperity Bank locations

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Routing Number: 113105368
SUGAR LAND, TX 77478-0000

Sweeny Branch

206 N Mckinny
Sweeny, TX 77480

Teague Branch

420 Main Street
Teague, TX 75860

Teague Motorbank Branch

210 E Loop 255
Teague, TX 75860

The Colony Branch

4400 Main Street
The Colony, TX 75056

Thorndale Branch

108 South Main Street
Thorndale, TX 76577

Tomball Branch

620 West Main Street
Tomball, TX 77375

Tyler 1 Branch

4803 Old Bullard Road
Tyler, TX 75703

Tyler 2 Branch

2507 University Boulevard
Tyler, TX 75701

Victoria North Branch

6252 North Navarro
Victoria, TX 77904

Victoria Branch

1205 North Navarro
Victoria, TX 77901

Waller 2920 Branch

31250 Fm 2920
Waller, TX 77484

Waxahachie Branch

401 Ferris
Waxahachie, TX 75165

Clear Lake Branch

100 Medical Center Blvd
Webster, TX 77598

Weimar Branch

201 North Center Street
Weimar, TX 78962

West Columbia Branch

510 East Brazos Avenue
West Columbia, TX 77486

Wharton Branch

143 West Burleson Street
Wharton, TX 77488

Winnie Branch

146 Spur 5
Winnie, TX 77665

Winnsboro Branch

101 North Main
Winnsboro, TX 75494

Yoakum Branch

601 Lott Street
Yoakum, TX 77995

Yorktown Branch

150 E. Main
Yorktown, TX 78164

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