Tri Counties Bank locations

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Routing Number: 121135045
CHICO, CA 95973-9027

American Canyon Branch

7011 North Main Street
American Canyon, CA 94503

Anderson Branch

5000 Rhonda Road
Anderson, CA 96007

Auburn Branch

789 High Street
Auburn, CA 95603

Auburn Downtown Branch

905 Lincoln Way
Auburn, CA 95603

Lake Of The Pines Branch

10037 Combie Road
Auburn, CA 95602

Bakersfield Branch

5201 California Avenue, Suite 102
Bakersfield, CA 93309

Bakersfield Gosford

5075 Gosford Road
Bakersfield, CA 93313

Bakersfield South Panama

6225 Colony Street
Bakersfield, CA 93307

Brentwood Branch

2400 Sand Creek Road
Brentwood, CA 94513

Burney Branch

37093 State Hwy 299e
Burney, CA 96013

Tri Counties Bank

63 Constitution Drive
Chico, CA 95973

Telephone Banking Center Branch

63 Constitution Drive
Chico, CA 95973

Chico Park Plaza

780 Mangrove Avenue
Chico, CA 95926

Chico Esplanade Branch

211 W East Avenue
Chico, CA 95926

Messenger Service Branch

Fifth And Salem Streets
Chico, CA 95927

Chico Pillsbury

2171 Pillsbury Road
Chico, CA 95926

Chico Downtown

525 Salem Street
Chico, CA 95928

Chico South Branch

2483 Notre Dame Blvd, Suite A
Chico, CA 95928

Chico East Avenue Branch

146 West East Avenue
Chico, CA 95926

Chowchilla Branch

305 Trinity Street
Chowchilla, CA 93610

Cottonwood Branch

3349 Main Street
Cottonwood, CA 96022

Covelo Branch

76405 Covelo Road
Covelo, CA 95428

Crescent City Branch

936 Third Street
Crescent City, CA 95531

Durham Branch

9411 Midway Road
Durham, CA 95938

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