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Routing Number: 011302768
BRIDGEPORT, CT 06601-0000

Edgehill Retirement Community Branch

122 Palmers Hill Road
Stamford, CT 6902

Stamford Stop And Shop Branch

2200 Bedford Street
Stamford, CT 6905

Storrs Common Branch

1244 Storrs Road
Storrs Mansfield, CT 6268

U. Conn Co-Op Branch

2075 Hillside Road
Storrs Mansfield, CT 6268

Stratford Branch

2772 Main Street
Stratford, CT 6615

The Dock Stop And Shop Branch

200 East Main Street
Stratford, CT 6614

Paradise Green Branch

3395 Main Street
Stratford, CT 6614

Ryder's Landing Branch

88 Ryder's Lane
Stratford, CT 6614

Torrington Stop And Shop Branch

211 High Street
Torrington, CT 6790

Torrington Financial Center Branch

1692 East Main Street
Torrington, CT 6790

Torringford Branch

931 Torringford Street
Torrington, CT 6790

Trumbull Branch

100 Quality Street
Trumbull, CT 6611

White Plains Road Branch

888 White Plains Road
Trumbull, CT 6611

Trumbull Branch

40 Quality Street
Trumbull, CT 6611

North Madison Branch

4180 Madison Avenue
Trumbull, CT 6611

Hawley Lane Branch

100 Hawley Lane
Trumbull, CT 6611

Montville Branch

2020 Norwich-New London Turnpike
Uncasville, CT 6382

Unionville Branch

1799 Farmington Avenue
Unionville, CT 6085

Talcotville Stop & Shop Branch

50 Windsorville Rd
Vernon, CT 6066

Vernon Stop And Shop Branch

10 Pitkin Road
Vernon, CT 6066

Vernon Circle Branch

35 Talcottville Road
Vernon Rockville, CT 6066

Wallingford Stop And Shop Branch

930 N Colony Rd
Wallingford, CT 6492

Reidville Stop And Shop Branch

410 Reidville Drive
Waterbury, CT 6705

Naugatuck Valley Stop And Shop Branc

920 Wolcott Road
Waterbury, CT 6705

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