Citibank (banamex Usa) locations

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Routing Number: 122233645
PO BOX 30886
LOS ANGELES, CA 90030-0886

Makati Branch (Frgn)

319 Buendia Ext Makati Rizal
Manila, 0

Manila Branch (Frgn)

121 Juna Luna Street
Manila, 0

Maracaibo Branch (Frgn)

Maracaibo Venezuela
Maracaibo, 0

Campo Grande Branch (Frgn)

Avenida Afonso Pena 2940
Mato Grosso Do Sul, 0

May Pen Branch (Frgn)

27-29 Main Street
May Pen, 0

Mendoza Branch (Frgn)

Avenida San Martin 1092
Mendoza, 0

Paseo De La Reforma Branch (Frgn)

Paseo De La Reforma 390
Mexico City, 0

Polanco Branch (Frgn)

Jaime Balmes 11, Colonia Las Morales
Mexico City, 0

La Republica Branch (Frgn)

9 Plaza De La Republica
Mexico City, 0

Ave Sonora Branch (Frgn)

Ave Sonora 189 Esquina Con Ave
Mexico City, 0

D.F. Mexico Branch (Frgn)

Avenida De Los Insurgentes
Mexico City, 0

Milan Branch (Frgn)

16, Ford Buonaparte
Milan, 0

Monte Carlo Branch (Frgn)

2 Avenue De Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo, 0

Cerrito Branch (Frgn)

Cerrito 455
Montevideo, 0

Montevideo Branch (Frgn)

Avenida Brasil 2570
Montevideo, 0

Cipriano Miro Branch (Frgn)

Cipriano Miro 2552
Montevideo, 0

Avenida 18 De Julio Branch (Frgn)

Avenida 18 De Julio 1101
Montevideo, 0

Nagoya Branch (Frgn)

3-7 Nishiki 1-Chome
Nagoya, 0

Nairobi Branch (Frgn)

Wabera Street
Nairobi, 0

Sakhar Bhavan Branch (Frgn)

230 Backbay Reclamation
Nariman Point, 0

Oakes Field Branch (Frgn)

Thompson Boulevard At Oakes Field
Nassau, 0

Nassau Branch (Frgn)

Harrison Building
Nassau, 0

New Delhi Branch (Frgn)

3 Parliament Street
New Delhi, 0

Nice Branch (Frgn)

21 Rue De La Buffa
Nice, 0

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