State Bank Of Southern Utah locations

State Bank Of Southern Utah Office and Branch locations Page 1


Routing Number: 124301779
CEDAR CITY, UT 84721-0000

State Bank Of Southern Utah

377 North Main
Cedar City, UT 84720

Cedar City Walmart

1330 S. Providence Center Dr.
Cedar City, UT 84720

Cedar City Branch

397 South Main Street
Cedar City, UT 84720

Circleville Branch

125 West Main Street
Circleville, UT 84723

Hurrican Office

720 West State Street
Hurricane, UT 84737

Kanab Branch

99 West Center Street
Kanab, UT 84741

Long Valley Branch

55 East Main Street
Orderville, UT 84758

Parowan Branch

93 North Main Street
Parowan, UT 84761

Richfield Branch

Main And Center Streets
Richfield, UT 84701

St. George Branch

1337 E. 170 S.
Saint George, UT 84790

Santa Clara Branch

2287 Santa Clara Drive
Santa Clara, UT 84765

St. George Branch

395 East St. George Boulevard
St. George, UT 84770

Tropic Branch

200 North Main
Tropic, UT 84776

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