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Routing Number: 211072911
BRIDGEPORT, CT 06601-0000

Hannaford Plaza Branch

1001 Shelburne Road
South Burlington, VT 5403

So Burlington-Williston Rd

1309 Williston Road
South Burlington, VT 5403

Springfield Branch

6 Main Street
Springfield, VT 5156

Mountain Trust Branch

1069 Mountain Road
Stowe, VT 5672

Swanton Branch

15 Canada Street
Swanton, VT 5488

Ferrisburgh Branch

69 Monkton Road
Vergennes, VT 5491

Vergennes Branch

3 North Maple Street
Vergennes, VT 5491

Waitsfield Branch

99 Mad River Glenn
Waitsfield, VT 5673

Waterbury Branch

80 South Main Street
Waterbury, VT 5676

White River Junction Branch

20 Maple Street
White River Junction, VT 5001

Taft Corners Branch

421 Blair Park Road
Williston, VT 5495

Wilmington Branch

29 East Main Street
Wilmington, VT 5363

Windsor Branch

50 Main Street
Windsor, VT 5089

Woodstock Branch

2 The Green
Woodstock, VT 5091

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