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Routing Number: 211174343
NEW BRITAIN, CT 06053-0000

Old Lyme Branch

7 Halls Road
Old Lyme, CT 6371

Old Saybrook Branch

723 Boston Post Road
Old Saybrook, CT 6475

Orange Branch

247 Boston Post Road
Orange, CT 6477

Oxford Branch

60 Oxford Road
Oxford, CT 6478

Plainville Branch

51 East Main Street
Plainville, CT 6062

Prospect Branch

45 Waterbury Road
Prospect, CT 6712

Ridgefield Branch

25 Prospect Street
Ridgefield, CT 6877

Rocky Hill South Branch

2270 Silas Deane Highway
Rocky Hill, CT 6067

Rocky Hill West Branch

53 New Britain Avenue
Rocky Hill, CT 6067

Seymour Branch

15 New Haven Road
Seymour, CT 6483

Sharon Branch

6 Gay Street
Sharon, CT 6069

375 Bridgeport Avenue Branch

375 Bridgeport Avenue
Shelton, CT 6484

Huntington Branch

506 Shelton Avenue
Shelton, CT 6484

Shelton Branch

502 Howe Avenue
Shelton, CT 6484

Sherman Branch

Routes 37 And 39
Sherman, CT 6784

Simsbury Branch

690 Hopemeadow Street
Simsbury, CT 6070

Somers Branch

637 Main Street
Somers, CT 6071

Ellington Road Branch

1695 Ellington Rd
South Windsor, CT 6074

Southbury Grand Union Market Branch

775 Main Street South
Southbury, CT 6488

Main Street North Branch

100 Main Street North
Southbury, CT 6488

Southington Branch

132 Main Street
Southington, CT 6489

Southington Branch

359 Queen Street
Southington, CT 6489

Stamford Summer Office Branch

1959 Summer St.
Stamford, CT 6905

Stratford Branch

450 Barnum Avenue
Stratford, CT 6614

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