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Routing Number: 211372187
PO BOX 1377
LEWISTON, MA 04240-1377

Ipswich Savings Bank

23 Market Street
Ipswich, MA 1938

Lawrence Branch

450 Essex Street
Lawrence, MA 1840

So Lawrence Branch

305 South Broadway
Lawrence, MA 1843

Water Tower Plaza Branch

25 Water Tower Pl
Leominster, MA 1453

Monument Square Branch

15 Monument Square
Leominster, MA 1453

Lexington Branch

1840 Massachusetts Avenue
Lexington, MA 2420

Longmeadow Branch

847 Williams Street
Longmeadow, MA 1106

Lowell Branch

350 Westford Street
Lowell, MA 1851

Lowell Main Branch

45 Central Street
Lowell, MA 1852

Mammoth Road Branch

32 Mammoth Road
Lowell, MA 1854

Ludlow Branch

549 Center Street
Ludlow, MA 1056

Ludlow Branch

52 East Street
Ludlow, MA 1056

Mansfield Branch

280 School Street Suite B100
Mansfield, MA 2048

R. K. Executive Centre Branch

193a Boston Post Road West
Marlborough, MA 1752

Mashpee Common

38 Nathan Ellis Highway
Mashpee, MA 2649

Melrose Store Branch

478 Main Street
Melrose, MA 2176

Methuen Branch

547 Broadway
Methuen, MA 1844

Methuen Branch

228 Haverhill Street
Methuen, MA 1844

Pleasant Valley Branch

91 Pleasant Valley Street
Methuen, MA 1844

Middleton Branch

232 South Main Street
Middleton, MA 1949

Milford Branch

196 East Main Street
Milford, MA 1757

Needham Branch

95 Highland Avenue
Needham, MA 2494

Low Street Branch

33 Low Street
Newburyport, MA 1950

Newburyport Branch

51 State Street
Newburyport, MA 1950

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