Fifth Third Bank locations

Fifth Third Bank Office and Branch locations Page 53


Routing Number: 041200050
CINCINNATI, OH 45263-0000

Red Coach Banking Center Branch

2700 North Limestone Street
Springfield, OH 45503

Eastside Square Banking Center

20 S Tuttle Road
Springfield, OH 45505

Oregon Trails

4070 Fishcreek Road
Stow, OH 44224

Streetsboro Branch

9550 State Route 14
Streetsboro, OH 44241

Strongsville Branch

14092 Pearl Road
Strongsville, OH 44136

Swanton Branch

3 Turtle Creek
Swanton, OH 43558

Sylvania Branch

5833 Monroe Street
Sylvania, OH 43560

Bankmart Kroger Sylvania Branch

7545 Sylvania Avenue
Sylvania, OH 43560

Courier Service Branch

5520 Monroe Street
Sylvania, OH 43560

Tallmadge Branch

40 North Avenue
Tallmadge, OH 44278

Westgate Branch

720 West Market Street
Tiffin, OH 44883

Washington Street Branch

79 South Washington Street
Tiffin, OH 44883

Tipp-Dixie Branch

1551 West Main Street
Tipp City, OH 45371

Lagrange-Central Branch

3028 Lagrange Street
Toledo, OH 43608

Swayne Field Branch

3053 Monroe Street
Toledo, OH 43606

Bankmart Kroger Monroe/Secor Branch

4533 Monroe Street
Toledo, OH 43613

Glendale / Reynolds Bank Mart Branch

5109 Glendale
Toledo, OH 43614

Westgate Branch

3355 Secor Road
Toledo, OH 43606

Deveaux Village Branch

4035 Douglas Rd
Toledo, OH 43613

Alexis-Lewis Branch

1028 West Alexis Road
Toledo, OH 43612

Central/ King

7536 West Central Ave
Toledo, OH 43617

Miracle Mile Bankmart

4925 Jackman Road
Toledo, OH 43613

Madison Avenue Banking Center

420 Madison Avenue
Toledo, OH 43604

Fifth Third Center At One Seagate Br

550 North Summit Street
Toledo, OH 43604

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