Northfield Savings Bank locations

Northfield Savings Bank Office and Branch locations Page 1


Routing Number: 211672683
NORTHFIELD, VT 05663-0000

Wall Street Complex Branch

137 South Main Street
Barre, VT 5641

Barre Branch

289 North Main Street
Barre, VT 5641

Bethel/Royalton Branch

Rd1 Route 107
Bethel, VT 5032

Burlington Branch

160 College Street
Burlington, VT 5402

Pearl Street Essex Junction Branch

71 Pearl Street
Essex Junction, VT 5452

Montpelier Branch

100 State Street
Montpelier, VT 5602

Northfield Savings Bank

33 South Main Street
Northfield, VT 5663

Randolph Branch

2 North Main Street
Randolph, VT 5060

South Burlington Branch

1120 Shelburne Road
South Burlington, VT 5403

Williston Road South Burlington Bran

1143 Williston Road
South Burlington, VT 5403

Waitsfield Branch

Mad River Shopping Center, Route 100
Waitsfield, VT 5673

Waterbury Branch

29 South Main Street
Waterbury, VT 5676

Williston Branch

60 Wright Avenue
Williston, VT 5495

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