Berkshire Bank locations

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Routing Number: 211870812
PITTSFIELD, MA 01201-0000

Free Standing Building Branch

734 William Street
Pittsfield, MA 1201

Free Standing Building Branch

609 Merrill Road
Pittsfield, MA 1201

Legacy Bank Branch

99 North Street
Pittsfield, MA 1201

Pittsfield Branch

66 West Street
Pittsfield, MA 1201

Sheffield Branch

103 Main Street
Sheffield, MA 1257

South Hadley Branch

74 Lamb Street, Route 116
South Hadley, MA 1075

Grist Mill Plaza Branch

608 College Highway
Southwick, MA 1077

Southwick Branch

185 College Highway
Southwick, MA 1077

Springfield Branch

1259 East Columbus Ave
Springfield, MA 1105

Stockbridge Branch

32 Main Street
Stockbridge, MA 1262

West Stockbridge Branch

Depot Street And Richmond Road
West Stockbridge, MA 1266

Woronoco Bank Branch

31 Court Street
Westfield, MA 1085

Little River Branch

22 Little River Road
Westfield, MA 1085

Woburn Loan Production Office

150 Presidential Way
Woburn, MA 1801

Albany Branch

39 North Pearl Street
Albany, NY 12207

Albany Ny Branch

41 State Street
Albany, NY 12207

Central Avenue Albany Branch

979 Central Avenue
Albany, NY 12205

Berkshire Municipal Bank Branch

41 State Street
Albany, NY 12207

Halfmoon Crossing Branch

7 Halfmoon Circle
Clifton Park, NY 12065

Clifton Park Ny Branch

15 Park Avenue
Clifton Park, NY 12065

Colonie Ny Branch

Shaker Pine Village
Colonie, NY 12205

Delmar Ny Branch

180 Delaware Avenue
Delmar, NY 12054

Elliott Place Branch

4 Elliott Place
East Durham, NY 12423

East Greenbush Branch

602 Columbia Turnpike
East Greenbush, NY 12061

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