Union Savings Bank locations

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Routing Number: 221172241
DANBURY, CT 06810-0000

Bethel Branch

79 Stony Hill Road
Bethel, CT 6801

Greenwood Branch

24 Grassy Plain Street
Bethel, CT 6801

Bridgewater Branch

29 Main Street
Bridgewater, CT 6752

Brookfield Branch

200 Federal Road
Brookfield, CT 6804

Brookfield Ii Branch

828 Federal Rd
Brookfield, CT 6804

Canton Branch

188 Albany Turnpike
Canton, CT 6019

Union Savings Bank

226 Main Street
Danbury, CT 6810

Mill Plain Branch

100 Mill Plain Road
Danbury, CT 6810

So Main Branch

158 Main Street
Danbury, CT 6810

Commerce Branch

71 Newtown Road
Danbury, CT 6810

North Street Branch

126 North St
Danbury, CT 6811

Goshen Branch

Box 32, #4 Sharon Turnpike
Goshen, CT 6756

Kent Branch

Kent Shopping Center, Route 7
Kent, CT 6757

First National Bank Of Litchfield Br

North Street
Litchfield, CT 6759

Marble Dale Branch

U S 202
Marble Dale, CT 6777

New Fairfield Branch

Route 39
New Fairfield, CT 6812

New Milford Branch

41 East Main Street
New Milford, CT 6776

Candlewood Valley Mall Branch

169 Danbury Rd
New Milford, CT 6776

New Milford Branch

100 Park Lane Road (Suite 202)
New Milford, CT 6776

Newtown South Main Street Branch

274 South Main Street
Newtown, CT 6470

Newtown Branch

1a Commerce Road
Newtown, CT 6470

Danbury Road Branch

100 Danbury Road
Ridgefield, CT 6877

Roxbury Branch

Route 67, Box 301
Roxbury, CT 6783

Sharon Branch

Route 41
Sharon, CT 6069

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