The Provident Bank locations

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Routing Number: 221272303
JERSEY CITY, NJ 07306-0000

Bayonne 20th St Branch

464 - 472 Avenue C
Bayonne, NJ 7002

Bayonne 26th St Branch

569 Broadway
Bayonne, NJ 7002

Montgomery Township Branch

2162 Rt. 206 South
Belle Mead, NJ 8502

Belleville Branch

208-218 Washington Avenue
Belleville, NJ 7109

Brookdale Branch

1260 Broad Street
Bloomfield, NJ 7003

Ampere Parkway Branch

100 Bloomfield Avenue
Bloomfield, NJ 7003

Bloomfield Center Branch

11 Broad Street
Bloomfield, NJ 7003

Brick Branch

1930 Route 88
Brick, NJ 8724

Bridgewater Branch

715 Promenade Boulevard Unit 2
Bridgewater, NJ 8807

Clifton Branch

562 Lexington Avenue
Clifton, NJ 7011

Denville Branch

41 Broadway
Denville, NJ 7834

Dover Branch

340 Route 46 East
Dover, NJ 7801

Dumont Branch

21 Washington Avenue
Dumont, NJ 7628

Dunellen Branch

333 North Avenue
Dunellen, NJ 8812

East Brunswick

213 Summerhill Road
East Brunswick, NJ 8816

Rues Lane Branch

308 Rues Lane
East Brunswick, NJ 8816

East Windsor Branch

509 Route 130
East Windsor, NJ 8520

North Edison

2100 Oak Tree Road
Edison, NJ 8820


980 Amboy Avenue
Edison, NJ 8837


206 South Avenue
Fanwood, NJ 7023

Fords Branch

33 Lafayette Road
Fords, NJ 8863

Freehold Township Branch

4331 Route 9 North And Pond Road
Freehold, NJ 7728

South Freehold Branch

3514 Route 9 South
Freehold, NJ 7728

Green Brook Branch

930 North Washington Avenue
Green Brook, NJ 8812

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