Oceanfirst Bank locations

Oceanfirst Bank Office and Branch locations Page 1


Routing Number: 231270353
TOMS RIVER, NJ 08753-0000

Barnegat Branch

845 W. Bay Avenue
Barnegat, NJ 8005

Bayville Branch

791 Route 9
Bayville, NJ 8721

Brick Branch

321 Chambers Bridge Road
Brick, NJ 8723

70 Brick Boulevard Branch

70 Brick Blvd.
Brick, NJ 8723

Adamston Road Branch

385 Adamston Road
Brick, NJ 8723

900 Lacey Road Branch

900 Lacey Road
Forked River, NJ 8731

Freehold Branch

308 West Main Street
Freehold, NJ 7728

Freehold Branch

48 Thoreau Drive
Freehold, NJ 7728

Jackson Branch

260 N. County Line Road
Jackson, NJ 8527

Little Egg Harbor Branch

425 Route 9 South
Little Egg Harbor, NJ 8087

Manahawkin Branch

205 Route 72 West
Manahawkin, NJ 8050

Wall Branch

2445 Route 34
Manasquan, NJ 8736

Concordia Shopping Center Branch

1600 Perrineville Road
Monroe Township, NJ 8831

2400 Bridge Avenue Branch

2400 Bridge Avenue
Point Pleasant, NJ 8742

701 Arnold Avenue Branch

701 Arnold Ave.
Point Pleasant, NJ 8742

Point Pleasant Branch

3100 Route 88
Point Pleasant Boro, NJ 8742

Spring Lake Heights Branch

2401 Route 71
Spring Lake, NJ 7762

Toms River Branch

55 Bananier Drive
Toms River, NJ 8755

Route 70 Branch

147 Route 70, Suite 1
Toms River, NJ 8755

Holiday City Plaza-730 Jamaica Blvd

730 Jamaica Blvd.
Toms River, NJ 8757

Oceanfirst Bank

975 Hooper Avenue
Toms River, NJ 8753

Waretown Branch

501 Route 9
Waretown, NJ 8758

Whiting Branch

400 Lacey Road
Whiting, NJ 8759

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