Peoples Bank & Trust Co. locations

Peoples Bank & Trust Co. Office and Branch locations Page 1


Routing Number: 042101268
LEXINGTON, KY 40505-0000

Bowling Green Branch

106 N Business Hwy 61
Bowling Green, MO 63334

Elsberry Branch

105 South Main Street
Elsberry, MO 63343

Hawk Point Branch

65 S Hwy 47
Hawk Point, MO 63349

North Main Street Branch

1310 North Main Street
O'fallon, MO 63366

Peoples Bank & Trust Co.

430 East Wood Street
Troy, MO 63379

Drive-In Facility

#9 Troy Square
Troy, MO 63379

Winfield Branch

103 Pine Street
Winfield, MO 63389

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