Community Trust Bank, Inc. locations

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Routing Number: 042102131
PIKEVILLE, KY 41501-0000

Hazard Main Street Branch

655 Main Street
Hazard, KY 41702

Hazard Airport Gardens Branch

1665 Combs Road
Hazard, KY 41702

Knott County Branch

107 Main Street E
Hindman, KY 41822

Campbellsville Jamestown Branch

752 North Main Street
Jamestown, KY 42629

Whitesburg Jenkins Branch

9505 Hwy 805
Jenkins, KY 41537

Whitesburg Isom Branch

56 Isom Plaza
Jeremiah, KY 41826

Campbellsville Lebanon Branch

521 West Main Street
Lebanon, KY 40033

Leestown Branch

109 Louie Place
Lexington, KY 40511

Lexington Beaumont Office

901 Beaumont Centre Parkway
Lexington, KY 40513

Lexington Branch

100 East Vine Street
Lexington, KY 40507

Lexington Pasadena Branch

185 Pasadena Drive
Lexington, KY 40503

Hamburg Branch

2417 Sir Barton Way
Lexington, KY 40509

Williamsburg London Branch

1706 West Hwy 192
London, KY 40741

London North Branch

38 Shiloh Drive
London, KY 40741

Middlesboro East Branch

1206 E Cumberland Avenue
Middlesboro, KY 40965

Middlesboro Branch

1918 Cumberland Avenue
Middlesboro, KY 40965

Mt Sterling Branch

110 N Maysville Street
Mount Sterling, KY 40353

Mt Sterling North Branch

196 Evans Drive
Mount Sterling, KY 40353

Mt. Vernon Branch

2134 Lake Cumberland Rd
Mount Vernon, KY 40456

Mt. Vernon East Main Branch

120 East Main Street
Mount Vernon, KY 40456

Pike Mouthcard Branch

32 North Levisa Road
Mouthcard, KY 41548

Whitesburg Neon Branch

1001 Highway 317
Neon, KY 41840

Paintsville Wal-Mart Branch

470 North Mayo Trail
Paintsville, KY 41240

Pike Phelps Branch

38720 State Highway 194 E
Phelps, KY 41553

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