Eastern Bank locations

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Routing Number: 011002550
LYNN, MA 01901-0000

Mattapoisett Branch

29 County Road
Mattapoisett, MA 2739

Wellington Circle Branch

53 Locust Street
Medford, MA 2155

Melrose Branch

441 Main Street
Melrose, MA 2176

Melrose Towers Branch

27 Melrose Street
Melrose, MA 2176

Campanelli Drive Branch

151 Campanelli Drive
Middleboro, MA 2346

Middleboro Branch

One South Main Street
Middleboro, MA 2346

Natick Branch

2 South Avenue
Natick, MA 1760

Storey Avenue Branch

17 Storey Avenue
Newburyport, MA 1950

Newton Branch

1255 Centre Street
Newton, MA 2459

Needham Street Branch

188 Needham Street
Newton, MA 2464

Norwell Branch

80 Washington Street
Norwell, MA 2061

Shaw's Peabody Branch

Essex Center Drive
Peabody, MA 1960

Lynn Street Peabody Branch

102 Lynn Street
Peabody, MA 1960

Brooksby Village Branch

100 Brooksby Village Drive
Peabody, MA 1960

300 Brooksby Village Branch

300 Brooksby Village Drive
Peabody, MA 1960

Foster Street Peabody Branch

37 Foster Street
Peabody, MA 1960

Woodbridge Assisted Living Branch

240 Lynnfield Street
Peabody, MA 1960

Plymouth Branch

36 Main Street
Plymouth, MA 2360

Wollaston Branch

731 Hancock Street
Quincy, MA 2170

Quincy Branch

63 Franklin Street
Quincy, MA 2169

Randolph Branch

35 Memorial Parkway
Randolph, MA 2368

Massbank Main Office

123 Haven Street
Reading, MA 1867

Highlander Branch

6 Traders Way
Salem, MA 1970

Loring Avenue Branch

72 Loring Avenue
Salem, MA 1970

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