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Routing Number: 253171728
P O BOX 866
TROY, NC 27371-0866

Aberdeen Branch

105 Sandhill Boulevard
Aberdeen, NC 28315

First Bank Eastgate Shpg Ctr Branch

1935 East Main Street
Albemarle, NC 28001

First Bank Highway 52 North Branch

2317 North First Street
Albemarle, NC 28001

Angier Branch

415 North Raleigh Street
Angier, NC 27501

Apex Branch

402 East Williams Street
Apex, NC 27502

Archdale Branch

10901 N Main Street
Archdale, NC 27263

Main Asheboro Branch

176 North Fayetteville Street
Asheboro, NC 27203

North Asheboro Branch

1724 North Fayetteville Street
Asheboro, NC 27203

South Asheville

1985 Hendersonville Road
Asheville, NC 28803

The Bank Of Asheville Branch

79 Woodfin Place
Asheville, NC 28801

Leicester Branch

349 New Leicester Highway
Asheville, NC 28806

Reynolds Office Branch

199 Charlotte Highway
Asheville, NC 28803

Beaufort Branch 9

1503 Live Oak Street
Beaufort, NC 28516

Belhaven Branch 12

770 W Main St
Belhaven, NC 27810

Leland Branch

10 Waterford Business Way
Belville, NC 28451

First Bank Bennett Branch

Chatham And Carthage Streets
Bennett, NC 27208

First Bank Biscoe Branch

U. S. Highway 220 And Pine Street
Biscoe, NC 27209

Broadway Branch

229 North Main Street
Broadway, NC 27505

Candler Branch

1487 Smokey Park Highway
Candler, NC 28715

Candor Branch

South Main Street
Candor, NC 27229

Carthage Branch

109 Monroe Street
Carthage, NC 28327

Corolla Branch

821 Ocean Trail, Suite 3
Corolla, NC 27927

First Bank Denton Branch

Salisbury And Anderson Streets
Denton, NC 27239

Elizabethtown Branch 7

232 Broad Street
Elizabethtown, NC 28337

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