Firstmerit Bank N.a. locations

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Routing Number: 041200555
AKRON, OH 44307-2359

Willow Springs Branch

8480 South Archer Avenue
Willow Springs, IL 60480

Zion Branch

2580 Sheridan Road
Zion, IL 60099

Kenmore Branch

1060 Kenmore Boulevard
Akron, OH 44314

Arlington Plaza Branch

1411 South Arlington Road
Akron, OH 44306

Brittain Road Branch

840 Brittain Road
Akron, OH 44305

Portage Lakes Branch

3451 Manchester Road
Akron, OH 44319

Montrose Branch

30 Springside Dr
Akron, OH 44313

Firstmerit Bank, National Association

106 South Main Street
Akron, OH 44308

Messenger Service Branch

106 South Main Street
Akron, OH 44308

Wooster Hawkins Branch

1525 South Hawkins Boulevard
Akron, OH 44320

Ellet Branch

2430 Wedgewood Drive
Akron, OH 44312

Merriman Valley Branch

1675 Merriman Road
Akron, OH 44313

North Hill Branch

727 North Main Street
Akron, OH 44310

Lakemore Plaza Branch

1502 Canton Road
Akron, OH 44312

West Hill Branch

855 West Market Street
Akron, OH 44303

Leavitt Road Branch

938 North Leavitt Road
Amherst, OH 44001

Downtown Amherst Branch

160 Cleveland Street
Amherst, OH 44001

Mifflin Drive Up Branch

1423 Mifflin Ave
Ashland, OH 44805

Ashland Main Branch

132 West Main Street
Ashland, OH 44805

East Ashland Branch

1185 East Main Street
Ashland, OH 44805

4200 Park Avenue Branch

4200 Park Avenue
Ashtabula, OH 44004

Harbor Branch

888 Lake Avenue
Ashtabula, OH 44004

Avon Branch

36000 Detroit Road
Avon, OH 44011

Avon Lake Branch

520 Avon Belden Rd
Avon Lake, OH 44012

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