Woodforest National Bank locations

Woodforest National Bank Office and Branch locations Page 6


Routing Number: 044115809
THE WOODLANDS, TX 77380-0000

Greenwood In Walmart Branch

1133 No. Emerson Road
Greenwood, IN 46143

Huntington Walmart Branch

2800 Walmart Drive
Huntington, IN 46750

Lafayette Indiana Branch

4545 Lafayette Road
Indianapolis, IN 46201

Jasper In Walmart Branch

4040 Newton Street
Jasper, IN 47546

La Porte In Walmart Branch

333 Boyd Blvd
La Porte, IN 46350

Lafayette Walmart Branch

2347 East 350 South
Lafayette, IN 47909

Lawrence Walmart Branch

10735 Pendleton Pike
Lawrence, IN 46226

Merrillville Walmart Branch

2936 East 79th Ave
Merrillville, IN 46410

Michigan City Walmart Branch

5780 S Franklin
Michigan City, IN 46360

Mishawaka Walmart Branch

316 Indian Ridge Road
Mishawaka, IN 46545

Muncie In Walmart Branch

1501 East 29th Street
Muncie, IN 47302

New Castle In Walmart Branch

3167 South State Rd 3
New Castle, IN 47362

In Newburgh Walmart Branch

8599 High Pointe Drive
Newburgh, IN 47630

Plymouth In Walmart Branch

2505 North Oak Road
Plymouth, IN 46563

Portage Wal-Mart Branch

6087 Us Highway 6
Portage, IN 46368

Princeton Walmart Branch

2700 West Broadway
Princeton, IN 47670

Seymour Wa-Mart Branch

1600 East Tipton
Seymour, IN 47274

Shelbyville In Walmart Branch

2500 Progress Parkway
Shelbyville, IN 46176

South Bend In Walmart Branch

700 W Ireland Rd
South Bend, IN 46614

Tell City In Walmart Branch

730 East Hwy 66
Tell City, IN 47586

Terre Haute Indiana Branch

5555 South Us Highway #41
Terre Haute, IN 47802

Terra Wal-Mart Branch

2399 S State Road 46
Terre Haute, IN 47803

Valparaiso Walmart Branch

2400 Morthland Drive
Valparaiso, IN 46383

Vincennes In Walmart Branch

650 Kimmel Rd
Vincennes, IN 47591

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