First Home Savings Bank locations

First Home Savings Bank Office and Branch locations Page 1


Routing Number: 281573204
PO BOX 807
MT GROVE, MO 65711-0000

1201 North Jefferson Branch

1208 North Jefferson
Ava, MO 65608

Crane Branch

123 Main Street
Crane, MO 65633

Forsth Branch

20377 U.S. Highway 160
Forsyth, MO 65653

Gainesville Branch

203 Elm Street
Gainesville, MO 65655

Galena Drive-In Branch

112 E 5th Street
Galena, MO 65656

103 South Clay Branch

103 South Clay
Marshfield, MO 65706

First Home Savings Bank

142 East First Street
Mountain Grove, MO 65711

Rockaway Beach Branch

2536 State Highway 176
Rockaway Beach, MO 65740

Sparta Branch

7164 Highway 14 East
Sparta, MO 65753

South Cambell Branch

2655 South Campbell
Springfield, MO 65807

Business Highway 160 Branch

Business Highway 160
Theodosia, MO 65761

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