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Routing Number: 282970437
LAFAYETTE, LA 70501-0000

Bastrop Branch

1927 East Madison Avenue
Bastrop, LA 71220

Bastrop Motor Branch

2126 East Madison Avenue
Bastrop, LA 71220

Highland Branch

7325 Highland Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70808

Essen Lane

3700 Essen Lane
Baton Rouge, LA 70809

Omni Bank Of Baton Rouge Branch

7054 Jefferson Highway
Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Coursey Branch

14150 Coursey Boulevard
Baton Rouge, LA 70817

Baton Rouge Loan Production Office

4825 Jamestown Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70808

Perkins Road Branch

10430 Perkins Rd
Baton Rouge, LA 70810

Broussard Branch

1100 E. Main Street
Broussard, LA 70518

Carencro Branch

805 Veterans Drive
Carencro, LA 70520

Covington Branch

70470 Highway 21
Covington, LA 70433

Crowley Branch

576 North Parkerson
Crowley, LA 70526

Dequincy Branch

506 East 4th Street
Dequincy, LA 70633

Grand Lake-Sweetlake Branch

State Highways 384 And 385
Grand Lake, LA 70605

Gretna Branch

201 Huey P. Long Avenue
Gretna, LA 70053

Hackberry Branch

Louisiana Highway 27 And Devall Road
Hackberry, LA 70645

Elmwood Branch

5120 Citrus Boulevard
Harahan, LA 70123

Manhattan Branch

2439 Manhattan Boulevard
Harvey, LA 70058

Lapalco Branch

3900 Lapalco Blvd.
Harvey, LA 70058

Houma Branch

1420 St. Charles Street
Houma, LA 70360

Jeanerette Branch

1427 West Main Street
Jeanerette, LA 70544

Kaplan Branch

200 East Veterans Memorial Drive
Kaplan, LA 70548

Veterans Kenner Branch

2200 Veterans Boulevard, Suite 101
Kenner, LA 70062

Kenner Branch

285 West Esplanade Avenue
Kenner, LA 70065

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