First Community Bank, Na locations

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Routing Number: 051501299
BLUEFIELD, VA 24605-0000

Mullens Branch

Mullens Shopping Plaza
Mullens, WV 25882

Oceana Branch

Route 10 Cook Parkway
Oceana, WV 24870

East Pineville Branch

Route 10 East
Pineville, WV 24874

Castle Rock Branch

Bank And Cedar Streets
Pineville, WV 24874

Princeton Branch

1001 Mercer Street
Princeton, WV 24740

Princeton Crossing Branch

1102 Oakvale Road
Princeton, WV 24740

Stafford Commons Branch

One Stafford Commons
Princeton, WV 24740

Richwood Branch

16 West Main Street
Richwood, WV 26261

Cherry River Plaza Branch

White Avenue And Railroad Street
Richwood, WV 26261

Summersville Northside Branch

902 North Side Drive
Summersville, WV 26651

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