Newbridge Bank locations

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Routing Number: 053111988
P O BOX 867
LEXINGTON, NC 27293-0867

Welcome Branch

6123 U.S. Highway 52
Welcome, NC 27374

Wilmington Main Branch

704 South College Road
Wilmington, NC 28403

Mayfaire Branch

1001 Military Cutoff Road, Ste 100
Wilmington, NC 28405

Wallburg Branch

10335 N Nc Highway 109
Winston Salem, NC 27107

Midway Branch

11492 Old U.S. Highway 52
Winston Salem, NC 27107

Arcadia Branch

3500 Old Salisbury Rd
Winston Salem, NC 27127

Stratford Branch

161 South Stratford Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27104

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