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Routing Number: 053201814
P O BOX 681
BIRMINGHAM, AL 35201-0000

Crestline Branch

35 Church Street
Birmingham, AL 35213

Cahaba Heights Branch

3172 Heights Village
Birmingham, AL 35243

Birmingham Main Rdt Branch

2200 Fifth Avenue North
Birmingham, AL 35203

Valleydale Marketplace Branch

2668 Valleydale Road
Birmingham, AL 35244

Ensley Avenue East Branch

1809 Ensley Avenue East
Birmingham, AL 35218

Eastwood Mall Branch

7703 Crestwood Blvd., Ste. F600
Birmingham, AL 35242

Hoover Branch

1592 Montgomery Highway
Birmingham, AL 35216

Five Points South Branch

941 South 20th Street
Birmingham, AL 35255

Rocky Ridge Rdt Branch

3390 Morgan Road
Birmingham, AL 35243

St. Vincent's Branch

2660 10th Avenue South, Pob 1, Suite
Birmingham, AL 35205

Woodlawn Branch

5428 First Avenue North
Birmingham, AL 35212

Summit Branch

341 Summit Boulevard
Birmingham, AL 35243

Trace Crossings Branch

2531 John Hawkins Parkway
Birmingham, AL 35244

Tarrant Branch

1601 Pinson Street
Birmingham, AL 35217

Greystone Branch

5420 Highway 280
Birmingham, AL 35242

Brewton Branch

1116 Douglas Avenue
Brewton, AL 36426

Brookwood Branch

16048 Highway 216
Brookwood, AL 35444

Butler Branch

132 South Mulberry Street
Butler, AL 36904

Centre Main Office

110 West Main Street
Centre, AL 35960

Chelsea Branch

16046 Highway 280
Chelsea, AL 35043

Citronelle Branch

7850 State Street
Citronelle, AL 36522

Clanton Branch

100 Seventh Street South
Clanton, AL 35045

Columbiana Branch

21325 Highway 25
Columbiana, AL 35051

Cullman Branch

223 Second Avenue Southeast
Cullman, AL 35055

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