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Routing Number: 053201814
P O BOX 681
BIRMINGHAM, AL 35201-0000

A M Grimsley Branch

205 2nd Avenue Ne
Fayette, AL 35555

Fayette Main Branch

123 Temple Avenue North
Fayette, AL 35555

Florence Branch

321 North Seminary Street
Florence, AL 35630

Florence Boulevard Branch

150 Ana Drive
Florence, AL 35630

Foley Branch

100 West Roosevelt Avenue
Foley, AL 36535

Fort Payne Branch

100 Grand Avenue, South
Fort Payne, AL 35967

North Gault Avenue Branch

1718 Gault Avenue, North
Fort Payne, AL 35967

Eastside Branch

1001 Piedmont Cut-Off
Gadsden, AL 35903

Clubview Branch

2001 Rainbow Drive
Gadsden, AL 35901

Gadsden Main Office Branch

200 Broad Street
Gadsden, AL 35901

Gardendale Branch

895 Odum Road
Gardendale, AL 35071

Gardendale Branch

1001 Decatur Highway North
Gardendale, AL 35071

Gilbertown Branch

13540 Choctaw Avenue
Gilbertown, AL 36908

Glencoe Branch

510 West Main Street
Glencoe, AL 35905

Graysville Branch

63 Second Avenue, S.W.
Graysville, AL 35073

Gulf Shores Branch

1820 Gulf Shores Parkway
Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Gunter Avenue Branch

400 Gunter Avenue
Guntersville, AL 35976

Hartselle Branch

610 West Main Street
Hartselle, AL 35640

Helena Branch

4915 Highway 17
Helena, AL 35080

Wildwood Centre Branch

210 Lakeshore Parkway
Homewood, AL 35209

Mount Royal Towers Branch

1118 Royal Tower Drive
Homewood, AL 35209

Galleria Branch

3065 John Hawkins Parkway
Hoover, AL 35244

Hoover Branch

1651 Montgomery Highway
Hoover, AL 35216

Hueytown Branch

109 Hueytown Plaza
Hueytown, AL 35023

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