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Routing Number: 053201814
P O BOX 681
BIRMINGHAM, AL 35201-0000

North Madison Branch

7990 Highway 72 West
Madison, AL 35758

South Madison Branch

8926 Highway 20 West
Madison, AL 35758

South Madison

41 Hughes Road
Madison, AL 35758

Meridianville Branch

12076 Highway 231-431
Meridianville, AL 35759

Millbrook Branch

3940 Highway 14
Millbrook, AL 36054

Dauphin Street Branch

3170 Dauphin St
Mobile, AL 36606

Mobile Main Office Drive-Thru Branch

102 Saint Michael Street
Mobile, AL 36602

Dawes At Cottage Hill Branch

8775 Cottage Hill Road
Mobile, AL 36695

Battle House Tower Branch

11 North Walter Street
Mobile, AL 36602

Cottage Hill Branch

7158 Cottage Hill Road
Mobile, AL 36695

St. Francis Street Branch

106 St. Francis Street
Mobile, AL 36602

Mobile Belair Branch

851 South Beltline Highway
Mobile, AL 36606

University Oaks Branch

5202 Cottage Hill Road
Mobile, AL 36609

Dauphin Island Parkway Branch

2000 Dauphin Island Parkway
Mobile, AL 36605

Bel Air Branch

3001 Airport Boulevard
Mobile, AL 36606

University Branch

One South University Boulevard
Mobile, AL 36608

Crichton Branch

2720 Springhill Avenue
Mobile, AL 36607

Spring Hill Branch

4376 Old Shell Road
Mobile, AL 36608

The Loop Branch

2050 Airport Boulevard
Mobile, AL 36606

Airport Branch

825 South Schilinger Road
Mobile, AL 36608

Tillman's Corner Branch

5436 Highway 90, West
Mobile, AL 36619

Snow Road Branch

9885 Airport Blvd
Mobile, AL 36608

Hillcrest Road Branch

891 Hillcrest Road
Mobile, AL 36695

Eight Mile Branch

4602 St. Stephens Road
Mobile, AL 36613

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