Palmetto State Bank locations

Palmetto State Bank Office and Branch locations Page 1


Routing Number: 053206699
P O BOX 158
HAMPTON, SC 29924-0158

Allendale Branch

Main Street
Allendale, SC 29810

Drive-In Branch

Bay Street
Allendale, SC 29810

Bluffton Branch

Highway 46 And S.C. Road S-7-586
Bluffton, SC 29910

Burton Branch

U.S. Highway 21 And West Avenue
Burton, SC 29902

Estill Branch

106 East 3rd Street
Estill, SC 29918

Fairfax Branch

Seventh Street And Charleston Avenue
Fairfax, SC 29827

Palmetto State Bank

601 First Street, West
Hampton, SC 29924

West End Branch

U.S. Highway 278 & S.C. Highway 363
Hampton, SC 29924

Lady's Island Branch

145 Lady's Island Drive
Lady's Island, SC 29902

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