Carolina Bank & Trust Company locations

Carolina Bank & Trust Company Office and Branch locations Page 1


Routing Number: 053207216
DARLINGTON, SC 29532-3272

Bennettsville Branch

301 East Main Street
Bennettsville, SC 29512

Bennettsville Drive-In Branch

Us Highway 15 And 401 By-Pass
Bennettsville, SC 29512

Cheraw Branch

320 Chesterfield Highway (Highway 9)
Cheraw, SC 29520

Chesterfield Branch

166 Olde Towne Center
Chesterfield, SC 29709

Darlington Branch

Orange Street
Darlington, SC 29532

109 Express Lane Branch

109 Express Lane
Darlington, SC 29532

South Florence Branch

1539 South Irby Street
Florence, SC 29505

Florence Branch

3037 West Palmetto Street
Florence, SC 29501

Hartsville Branch

1042 North Fifth Street
Hartsville, SC 29550

Hartsville Branch

525 South Fifth Street
Hartsville, SC 29550

Walmart Branch

1150 South Fourth Street
Hartsville, SC 29550

Carolina Bank & Trust Co.

114 South Main Street
Lamar, SC 29069

Mullins Main Branch

110 West Mcintyre Street
Mullins, SC 29574

N Myrtle Beach Branch

1043 Sea Mountain Hwy
North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582

Quinby Branch

408 Ashby Road
Quinby, SC 29501

Society Hill Branch

Main Street
Society Hill, SC 29593

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