Suntrust Bank locations

Suntrust Bank Office and Branch locations Page 47


Routing Number: 061000104
ORLANDO, FL 32809-0000

Bethesda Branch 102

1611 South Miami Boulevard
Durham, NC 27703

Homestead Market Harris Teeter

237 West Highway 54
Durham, NC 27713

Erwin Road Branch 113

2714 Erwin Road
Durham, NC 27705

Durham Central Lending Branch 630

111 Corcoran Street Mo 1-2
Durham, NC 27702

Hillsborough Road Mm Branch 117

3457 Hillsborough Road
Durham, NC 27705

Erwin Branch 350

101 North 13th Street
Erwin, NC 28339


1140 E Broad Street
Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526

Garner Mm Branch 424

2680 Timber Drive
Garner, NC 27529

Graham Main Branch 230

236 South Main Street
Graham, NC 27253

Lake Jeanette Branch

3521 N Elm St
Greensboro, NC 27405

Friendly Center Harris-Teeter Branch

3330 West Friendly Avenue
Greensboro, NC 27410

Friendly Center Branch 372

628 Green Valley Road
Greensboro, NC 27408

Airpark Branch 375

7804 National Service Road
Greensboro, NC 27409

Cone Boulevard Branch 368

701 East Cone Boulevard
Greensboro, NC 27405

Battleground Branch 370

3227 Battleground Avenue
Greensboro, NC 27408

Adams Farm Branch 373

5705 High Point Road
Greensboro, NC 27407

Four Seasons Branch 380

2275 Vanstory Street
Greensboro, NC 27407

Greene Street

333 N Greene Street
Greensboro, NC 27401

Guilford College Branch 381

612 College Road Guilford College
Greensboro, NC 27410

Summit Avenue Branch 378

1201 Summit Avenue
Greensboro, NC 27405

South Elm Street Branch 382

1601 South Elm Eugene Street
Greensboro, NC 27406

West Market Branch 362

4636 West Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27407

Harrisburg Branch 667

4720 Highway 49 South
Harrisburg, NC 28075

North Hills Branch 197

1321 Asheville Highway
Hendersonville, NC 28739

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