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Routing Number: 061113415
WILSON, NC 27893-0000

Madison Branch

8857 Madison Boulevard
Madison, AL 35758

Millbrook Branch

3390 Highway 14
Millbrook, AL 36054

Mobile Main Branch

41 W. 165 Service Road N.
Mobile, AL 36608

Mobile Hillcrest Branch

736 Hillcrest Road
Mobile, AL 36695

Old Farm Branch

2914 Carter Hill Road
Montgomery, AL 36106

Sturbridge Branch

7990 Vaughn Road
Montgomery, AL 36116

Taylor Crossing Branch

7010 Atlanta Highway
Montgomery, AL 36117

Perry Street Main Branch

671 South Perry Street
Montgomery, AL 36104

Chantilly Corners Branch

9120 Eastchase Parkway
Montgomery, AL 36117

Moody Branch

2821 Moody Pkwy
Moody, AL 35004

Northport Branch

120 Mcfarland Blvd
Northport, AL 35476

Odenville Branch

14487 Us Hwy 411
Odenville, AL 35120

Oneonta Branch

415 Second Avenue East
Oneonta, AL 35121

Opelika Main Branch

600 Second Avenue
Opelika, AL 36801

Opp Branch

113 East Hart Avenue
Opp, AL 36467

Orange Beach Branch

25239 Perdido Beach Boulevard
Orange Beach, AL 36561

Highway 78 East Branch

2020 Us Highway 78 East
Oxford, AL 36203

Oxford Branch

404 Hamric Dr E
Oxford, AL 36203

Ozark Branch

253 South Union Avenue
Ozark, AL 36360

Pelham Branch

2998 Pelham Parkway
Pelham, AL 35124

Pell City Branch

2203 1st Ave N
Pell City, AL 35125

Phenix City Branch

1201 Broad Street
Phenix City, AL 36867

280 Bypass Branch

1200 280 Bypass
Phenix City, AL 36867

Pleasant Grove Branch

27 Park Road
Pleasant Grove, AL 35127

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