Valley National Bank locations

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Routing Number: 021201600
WAYNE, NJ 07470-0000

Cranford Branch

113 South West Avenue
Cranford, NJ 7016

Denville Office Branch

6 Bloomfield Avenue
Denville, NJ 7834

100 E Blackwell St Branch

100 E Blackwell St
Dover, NJ 7801

East Hanover Branch

Route 10 West And Murray Road
East Hanover, NJ 7936

East Newark Branch

710 North Fourth Street
East Newark, NJ 7029

Edgewater Branch

The Promenade, Building 400
Edgewater, NJ 7020

Edison Branch

2084 Lincoln Highway Route 27
Edison, NJ 8817

Elmwood Park Branch

80 Broadway
Elmwood Park, NJ 7407

Englewood Branch

80 West Street
Englewood, NJ 7631

Auxiliary Branch

43-45 Palisade Avenue
Englewood, NJ 7631

Englewood Branch

145 South Dean Street
Englewood, NJ 7631

Fair Lawn Branch

31-00 Broadway
Fair Lawn, NJ 7410

Fair Lawn Branch

20-24 Fair Lawn Avenue
Fair Lawn, NJ 7410

Lincoln Branch

139 Lincoln Avenue
Fair Lawn, NJ 7410

Fairfield Road Branch

167 Fairfield Road
Fairfield, NJ 7004

Fairfield Branch

1 Passaic Avenue
Fairfield, NJ 7006

Florham Park Branch

187 Columbia Turnpike
Florham Park, NJ 7932

Palisade Avenue Branch

1372 Palisade Avenue
Fort Lee, NJ 7024

Fort Lee Branch

2121 Lemonie Avenue
Fort Lee, NJ 7024

Route 23 Branch

288 Route 23
Franklin, NJ 7416

Willow Road Branch

410 Route 94, Willow Road
Fredon, NJ 7860

Freehold Branch

3495 Route 9
Freehold, NJ 7728

Glen Rock Branch

175 Rock Road
Glen Rock, NJ 7452

Green Brook Branch

302-306, Route 22
Green Brook, NJ 8812

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