The Union Bank locations

The Union Bank Office and Branch locations Page 1


Routing Number: 065201255
MARKSVILLE, LA 71351-0000

Alexandria Loan Production Branch

1412-B Peterman Drive
Alexandria, LA 71301

Alexandria Branch

1775 Metro Drive
Alexandria, LA 71301

Bunkie Branch

1113 Shirley Road
Bunkie, LA 71322

Hessmer Branch

2705 Main Street
Hessmer, LA 71341

Lafayette Loan Production Office

1042 Camellia Boulevard, Suite #12
Lafayette, LA 70508

The Union Bank

305 North Main Street
Marksville, LA 71351

Tunica Branch

201 East Tunica Drive
Marksville, LA 71351 Branch

305 North Main Street
Marksville, LA 71351

Moreauville Branch

10710 Highway #1
Moreauville, LA 71355

Pineville Branch

40 Pinecrest Drive
Pineville, LA 71360

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