First Guaranty Bank locations

First Guaranty Bank Office and Branch locations Page 1


Routing Number: 065404340
HAMMOND, LA 70401-0000

Abbeville Branch

799 West Summers Drive
Abbeville, LA 70510

Amite Branch

100 East Oak Street
Amite, LA 70422

Benton Branch

196 Burt Boulevard
Benton, LA 71006

Denham Springs Branch

2231 South Range Avenue
Denham Springs, LA 70726

Watson Branch

3318 Louisiana Highway 16
Denham Springs, LA 70706

Dubach Branch

117 East Hico Street
Dubach, LA 71235

Greensburg Branch

6151 Hwy 10
Greensburg, LA 70441

Guaranty West Branch

2111 West Thomas Street
Hammond, LA 70401

First Guaranty Bank

400 Guaranty Square
Hammond, LA 70401

Haynesville Branch

10065 North First Street
Haynesville, LA 71038

Homer Branch

401 North 2nd Street
Homer, LA 71040

Independence Branch

455 West Railroad Avenue
Independence, LA 70443

Jennings Branch

500 North Cary Avenue
Jennings, LA 70546

Kentwood Branch

301 Avenue F
Kentwood, LA 70444

Kentwood Branch

723 Ave G
Kentwood, LA 70444

Montpelier Branch

Highways 16 And Bookter Avenue
Montpelier, LA 70422

Oil City Branch

126 S. Highway 1
Oil City, LA 71061

Ponchatoula Branch

195 North 6th Street
Ponchatoula, LA 70454

Vivian Branch

102 East Louisiana Avenue
Vivian, LA 71082

Walker South Road Branch

29815 Walker South Road
Walker, LA 70785

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