Magnolia State Bank locations

Magnolia State Bank Office and Branch locations Page 1


Routing Number: 065302468
BAY SPRINGS, MS 39422-0000

Magnolia State Bank

15 East Sixth Avenue
Bay Springs, MS 39422

Downtown Motor Branch

10 Thigpen Street
Bay Springs, MS 39422

Flowood Branch

437 Katherine Drive
Flowood, MS 39232

Greenwood Lpo/Dpo

107 Fulton Street
Greenwood, MS 38930

Hattiesburg Branch

560 Weathersby Road
Hattiesburg, MS 39402

Heidelberg Branch

407 Main Street
Heidelberg, MS 39439

Laurel Branch

3220 Highway 15 North
Laurel, MS 39440

Lucedale Lpo/Dpo

5168 Main Street
Lucedale, MS 39452

Petal Branch

1227 Highway 42, Suite 110
Petal, MS 39465

Taylorsville Branch

748 Highway 28 East
Taylorsville, MS 39168

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