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Routing Number: 067014453
FT LAUDERDALE, FL 33334-0000

Ashland Branch

400 East Broadway
Ashland, MO 65010

Cabool Office Branch

800 Ozark
Cabool, MO 65689

Rangeline Branch

1000 Kennesaw Ridge
Columbia, MO 65202

Rock Bridge Branch

109 East Nifong Boulevard
Columbia, MO 65203

Motor Bank Branch

10 North Garth Street
Columbia, MO 65201

Cherry Hill Branch

1900 South Scott Boulevard
Columbia, MO 65203

Columbia - 63 South Branch

3421 Grindstone Parkway
Columbia, MO 65201

Route B Branch

3100 Paris Road
Columbia, MO 65202

Stadium West Branch

200 North Stadium
Columbia, MO 65201

Landmark Bank, National Association

801 East Broadway
Columbia, MO 65201

Houston Branch

1458 South Sam Houston Boulevard
Houston, MO 65483

Licking Branch

109 State Highway 32 West
Licking, MO 65542

Mountain View Branch

105 West 6th Street
Mountain View, MO 65548

West Plains Branch

1802 East State Route K
West Plains, MO 65775

Porter Wagoner Branch

1599 Porter Wagoner Blvd
West Plains, MO 65775

Willow Springs Branch

925 East U.S. Business Highway 60-63
Willow Springs, MO 65793

Ada South Branch

1130 Cradduck Road
Ada, OK 74820

Ada - Arlington Branch

1616 East Arlington Street
Ada, OK 74820

Ardmore Branch

2525 N. Commerce Street
Ardmore, OK 73401

Davis Branch

1300 East Main Street
Davis, OK 73030

Durant West Branch

2611 University Boulevard
Durant, OK 74701

Durant Branch

900 West Main Street
Durant, OK 74701

Kingston Branch

702 Highway 70 East
Kingston, OK 73439

Madill Branch

128 Plaza
Madill, OK 73446

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