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Routing Number: 071921891
LOCATER 01-5138
CLEVELAND, OH 44135-0000

Mount Ephraim Branch

205 North Black Horse Pike
Mount Ephraim, NJ 8059

Towne Square Shoprite Branch

892 Union Mill And Elbo Roads
Mount Laurel, NJ 8054

Mount Laurel Branch

6 Centerton Road
Mount Laurel, NJ 8054

Larchmont Branch

127 Ark Road
Mount Laurel, NJ 8054

Mountain Lakes Branch

425 Boulevard
Mountain Lakes, NJ 7046

Mullica Hill Shoprite Branch

143 Bridgeton Pike & Route 77
Mullica Hill, NJ 8062

West Grove Branch

25 South Main Street
Neptune, NJ 7753

New Brunswick Branch

1 Penn Plaza
New Brunswick, NJ 8901

New Providence

82 Floral Avenue
New Providence, NJ 7974

Liberty Branch

469 Central Avenue
Newark, NJ 7107

Haynes Branch

550 Frelinghuysen Avenue
Newark, NJ 7114

Wilson Avenue Branch

84 Wilson Avenue
Newark, NJ 7105

Ironbound Branch

185 Ferry Street
Newark, NJ 7105

Arena Branch

46 Edison Place
Newark, NJ 7102

Park Plaza Branch

1140 Raymond Boulevard
Newark, NJ 7102

Newton Branch

136 Water Street
Newton, NJ 7860

River Road Branch

7800 River Road
North Bergen, NJ 7047

North Brunswick Branch

630 Georges Road
North Brunswick, NJ 8902

North Haledon Branch

563 High Mountain Road
North Haledon, NJ 7508

Woodlands, Meridian Nursing Center Branch

1400 Woodland Avenue
North Plainfield, NJ 7060

Egg Harbor Genuardi's Branch

3121 Fire Road
Northfield, NJ 8225

Northvale Branch

150 Paris Avenue
Northvale, NJ 7647

Nutley Branch

495 Franklin Avenue
Nutley, NJ 7110

Milton Branch

5708 Bershire Valley Road
Oak Ridge, NJ 7438

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