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Routing Number: 071921891
LOCATER 01-5138
CLEVELAND, OH 44135-0000

Park Avenue Branch

202 Park Avenue
Plainfield, NJ 7061

Plainsboro Branch

2 Schalks Crossing Rd
Plainsboro, NJ 8536

Pleasantville Branch

935 Black Horse Pike
Pleasantville, NJ 8232

Point Pleasant Stop & Shop Branch

3230 Bridge Avenue And Highway 88
Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 8742

Pequannock Branch

588 Neward-Pompton Turnpike
Pompton Plains, NJ 7444

Route 206 Branch

842 State Road
Princeton, NJ 8540

Princeton Shopping Center Branch

301 North Harrison Street
Princeton, NJ 8540

Nassau Street Branch

76 Nassau Street
Princeton, NJ 8542


500 College Road East
Princeton, NJ 8540

Randolph Township Branch

140 Route 10
Randolph, NJ 7869

Raritan Stop & Shop Branch

120 Orlando Drive, Suite 1
Raritan, NJ 8869

Raritan Branch

9 West Somerset Street
Raritan, NJ 8869

Raritan Valley Branch

555 Route 28 West
Raritan, NJ 8869

Red Bank Branch

150 Broad Street
Red Bank, NJ 7701

Middletown Branch

28 Chapel Hill Road
Red Bank, NJ 7701

Ridgefield Branch

745 Bergen Boulevard
Ridgefield, NJ 7657

Ridgewood Branch

41 Oak Street
Ridgewood, NJ 7450

Ringoes Branch

1103 Old York Road
Ringoes, NJ 8551

River Dell Branch

915 Kinderkamack Road
River Edge, NJ 7661

Route 4 Branch

1050 Main Street
River Edge, NJ 7661

River Vale Branch

645 Westwood Avenue
River Vale, NJ 7675

Cinnaminson Branch

1620 Riverton Road
Riverton, NJ 8077

Rockaway Borough Branch

55 Main Street
Rockaway, NJ 7866

Rockaway Town Square Branch

339 Mount Hope Avenue
Rockaway, NJ 7866

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