Morton Community Bank locations

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Routing Number: 071114378
MORTON, IL 61550-0000

Community Bank Of Bartonville Branch

617 West Garfield Avenue
Bartonville, IL 61607

Cropesey Branch

130 S. Main Street
Cropsey, IL 61731

Fondulac Plaza Branch

2400 East Washington Road
East Peoria, IL 61611

Washington Branch

2301 Washington Road
East Peoria, IL 61611

East Peoria Express Branch

252 East Washington
East Peoria, IL 61611

Elmwood Branch

101 East Evergreen Street
Elmwood, IL 61529

Eureka Branch

205 South Main Street
Eureka, IL 61530

Fairbury Branch

804 West Oak Street
Fairbury, IL 61739

Farmington Branch

147 East Fort Street
Farmington, IL 61531

Lacon Branch

313 5th Street
Lacon, IL 61540

West Jackson Branch

1100 West Jackson Street
Macomb, IL 61455

East Branch

1400 East Jackson Street
Macomb, IL 61455

Morton Community Bank Branch

127 South Side Square
Macomb, IL 61455

People's State Bank Branch

105 South Adams
Manito, IL 61546

Minier Banking Center

701 N Minier Ave
Minier, IL 61759

Minonk Branch

119 West 5th Street
Minonk, IL 61760

Morton Community Bank

721 West Jackson Street
Morton, IL 61550

Main Street Branch

218 North Main Street
Morton, IL 61550

Morton Facility

1301 South Main Street
Morton, IL 61550

Pekin Savings Branch

601 Court St
Pekin, IL 61554

Bankpeoria Branch

6907 North Knoxville Avenue
Peoria, IL 61614

University Street Branch

4730 North University Street
Peoria, IL 61614

Princeville Branch

116 East Main Street
Princeville, IL 61559

Roanoke Branch

416 West Front Street
Roanoke, IL 61561

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