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Routing Number: 071123385
GREENSBURG, IN 47240-0000

Peoples Trust Linton Branch

2253 State Road 54 East
Linton, IN 47441

Lynn Branch

201 South Main Street
Lynn, IN 47355

North Madison Branch

501 Clifty Drive
Madison, IN 47250

Madison B&T Branch

213-215 East Main Street
Madison, IN 47250

Jefferson Street Branch

417 Jefferson Street
Madison, IN 47250

Hilltop Branch

1315 Clifty Drive
Madison, IN 47250

Marengo Branch

165 East State Road 64
Marengo, IN 47140

New Albany Regional Bank Branch

100 East Spring Street
New Albany, IN 47150

302 Grantline Center Branch

302 Grantline Center
New Albany, IN 47150

New Albany Branch

3801 Charlestown Road
New Albany, IN 47150

Memorial Drive

600 South Memorial Drive
New Castle, IN 47362

Broad Street

1338 Broad Street
New Castle, IN 47362

North Vernon Branch

521 North State Street
North Vernon, IN 47265

5959 Route 6 Branch

5959 Route 6
Portage, IN 46368

Portland Branch

112 North Meridian Street
Portland, IN 47371

East Main Street Branch

120 East Main Street
Portland, IN 47371

Portland North Branch

1611 North Meridian Street
Portland, IN 47371

Redkey Branch

Meridian And North Union Streets
Redkey, IN 47373

Rising Sun Branch

Main And Walnut Streets
Rising Sun, IN 47040

Foster Heights Branch

157 West Foster Heights Road
Rushville, IN 46173

Rushville Branch

202 North Main Street
Rushville, IN 46173

Shelbyville Branch

2507 Progress Parkway
Shelbyville, IN 46176

St. Leon Branch

Intersection Of State Roads 1 And 46
St. Leon, IN 47060

Trafalgar Branch

11 Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar, IN 46181

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