Chemical Bank locations

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Routing Number: 072409464
MIDLAND, MI 48640-0000

Harbor Beach Branch

112 North Huron Avenue
Harbor Beach, MI 48441

Harrison Branch

127 North 2nd Street
Harrison, MI 48625

Harrison North Branch

3245 N Clare Ave
Harrison, MI 48625

Hartford Branch

18 North Center Street
Hartford, MI 49057

Hastings/West State Branch

241 West State Street
Hastings, MI 49058

White Star Branch

27 East M-61
Hay Township, MI 48624

Holland South Branch

855 South Washington
Holland, MI 49423

Riley Street Office Branch

12368 Riley Street
Holland, MI 49424

Holland Branch

177 North River Avenue
Holland, MI 49423

Houghton Lake Heights Branch

8025 W M-55
Houghton Lake Heights, MI 48630

Hudsonville Branch

4595-32nd Avenue
Hudsonville, MI 49426

Bullock Creek Branch

1505 Poseyville Road
Ingersoll Township, MI 48640

Jamestown Branch

3208 24th Avenue, S.W.
Jamestown, MI 49427

Jenison Branch

1963 Baldwin Street
Jenison, MI 49428

Kalamazoo Downtown Branch

211 E. Water, Suite 100
Kalamazoo, MI 49007

West Kal Branch

6080 W Main Street
Kalamazoo, MI 49009

Bay Area Branch

100 East Chippewa Street
Kawkawlin, MI 48631

Lake City Branch

127 South Main Street
Lake City, MI 49651

Lakeview Branch

9650 North Greenville Road
Lakeview, MI 48850

Linwood Branch

120 West Center Street
Linwood, MI 48634

Marlette Branch

2592 South Van Dyke Road
Marlette, MI 48453

Marshall Main Branch

115 West Drive South
Marshall, MI 49068

Marshall Downtown Branch

131 West Michigan Avenue
Marshall, MI 49068

Mcbain Branch

101 North Roland
Mcbain, MI 49657

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