Lake City Bank locations

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Routing Number: 074913327
WARSAW, IN 46580-1387

Akron Branch

102 East Rochester Street
Akron, IN 46910

Argos Branch

100 North Michigan Street
Argos, IN 46501

Auburn Branch

1220 East 7th Street
Auburn, IN 46706

Bremen Branch

1600 State Road 331
Bremen, IN 46506

Columbia City Branch

Sr 9 And U.S. 30
Columbia City, IN 46725

Cromwell Branch

111 North Jefferson Street
Cromwell, IN 46732

Elkhart East Branch

22050 State Road 120
Elkhart, IN 46515

Elkhart Branch

864 East Beardsley Avenue
Elkhart, IN 46516

Elkhart Northwest Branch

1206 North Nappanee
Elkhart, IN 46516

Elkhart Hubbard Hill Branch

58404 State Road 19
Elkhart, IN 46516

Fort Wayne Northeast Branch

10411 Maysville Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46835

Fort Wayne Jefferson Branch

6851 W Jefferson Blvd
Fort Wayne, IN 46804

Fort Wayne Southwest Branch

10429 Illinois Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46804

Fort Wayne North Branch

302 East Dupont Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46825

Goshen Branch

2513 South Main Street
Goshen, IN 46526

Goshen Downtown Branch

102 North Main Street
Goshen, IN 46526

Concord Goshen Branch

4202 Elkhart Road
Goshen, IN 46526

Granger Branch

12830 State Road 23
Granger, IN 46530

Huntington Branch

1501 North Jefferson
Huntington, IN 46750

Kendallville Branch

631 Professional Way
Kendallville, IN 46755

Lagrange Branch

901 South Detroit Street
Lagrange, IN 46761

Ligonier Downtown Branch

222 South Cavin Street
Ligonier, IN 46767

Ligonier South Branch

U.S. Highway 33 South
Ligonier, IN 46767

Medaryville Branch

205 East Main Street
Medaryville, IN 47957

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