First Commercial Bank locations

First Commercial Bank Office and Branch locations Page 1


Routing Number: 081516872
PO BOX 574
DEXTER, MO 63841-0000

Advance Branch

310 Ruth Street
Advance, MO 63730

Benton Branch

52 West Missouri Street
Benton, MO 63736

Bloomfield Branch

505 Highway 25 South
Bloomfield, MO 63825

First Commercial Bank

125 East Yoakum Street
Chaffee, MO 63740

Dexter Branch

303 Market Street
Dexter, MO 63841

Essex Branch

101 Trotter Street
Essex, MO 63846

First Commercial Bank

First And Main Streets
Gideon, MO 63848

Beech Street Branch

202 Beech Street
Morehouse, MO 63868

First Commercial Bank

23134 State Highway 61
Morley, MO 63767

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