The Farmers & Merchants Bank locations

The Farmers & Merchants Bank Office and Branch locations Page 1


Routing Number: 082907477
708 S MAIN
STUTTGART, AR 72160-0000

Bigelow Branch

Highway 113 North
Bigelow, AR 72016

De Valls Bluff Branch

Highway 70 West
De Valls Bluff, AR 72041

Desarc Branch

110 W Third
Des Arc, AR 72040

Whitehead Drive Branch

1960 Whitehead Drive
Dewitt, AR 72042

Hazen Branch

110 North Front
Hazen, AR 72064

Marianna Branch

33 West Main Street
Marianna, AR 72360

Moro Branch

Main And Front Streets
Moro, AR 72368

Morrilton Branch

1600 North Oak Street
Morrilton, AR 72110

Perryville Branch

Highway 9, 10 And 60 East
Perryville, AR 72126

Teller's Window Branch

21st And Buerkle Streets
Stuttgart, AR 72160

East 22nd Street Branch

102 East 22nd Street
Stuttgart, AR 72160

North Main Street Branch

801 North Main Street
Stuttgart, AR 72160

Drive-In Branch

Seventh And Maple Streets
Stuttgart, AR 72160

The Farmers & Merchants Bank

708 South Main Street
Stuttgart, AR 72160

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