Farmers Bank & Trust Co. locations

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Routing Number: 083902316
MARION, KY 42064-0000

West Washington Branch

1140 Washington Street, N.W.
Camden, AR 71701

East Camden Branch

536 Highway 274
Camden, AR 71701

Jefferson/Camden Branch

116 Jefferson Street, S.W.
Camden, AR 71701

Cardinal Branch

1125 Fairview Road
Camden, AR 71701

Haskell Branch

112 N. Hwy 229
Haskell, AR 72015

Farmers Bank & Trust Company

200 East Main
Magnolia, AR 71753

University Branch

2106 North Jackson
Magnolia, AR 71753

Farmers Motor Branch

1128 East Main
Magnolia, AR 71753

Drive-In Branch

205 East Main
Magnolia, AR 71753

Trust Department Branch

217 E. Union St.
Magnolia, AR 71753

Rockport Branch

1929 Oliver Lancaster Blvd.
Malvern, AR 72104

Malvern Branch

521 East Page
Malvern, AR 72104

Arkla Branch

15064 Highway 132
Taylor, AR 71861

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